Sascha advises funds, corporations and growth companies on all matters of corporate law. He specializes in venture capital transactions and matters of transformation law in the context of national and cross-border scenarios.

Education and Career

Sascha studied business law in Dresden and Siegen. After that, he worked as a research fellow at Siegen University. Before joining SMP, he was an Associate at Flick Gocke Schaumburg. Sascha regularly publishes on corporate-law matters in a German and European context, and in particular on aspects of cross-border structuring and European company law.


Sascha’s recent work highlights include advising:

  • shareholders of MiNODES on the sale to Telefónica Next
  • Lesara on the purchase of a subsidiary as a European Company (SE)
  • on the application according to the German Ownership-Control Regulation
  • The Scope of Sec. 17 para. 5 No. 1 Protection Against Dismisal Act (KSchG) in Light of European RegulationArbRAktuell 2018, 390-392 - (in German)
  • Book Review to German Corporate Governance Code, edited by Kremer/Bachmann/Lutter/v. Werder, 7th Ed. 2018WM 2018, 1383
  • Cross Border Merger with Participation of a Foreign Shelf-Compay
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  • Cross Border Conversion: Legitimacy of an outbound conversion
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  • Business-oriented associations. Options to prevent striking-off of the register
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