Marie is instrumental in bringing on board bright minds who want to make a difference. She helps these new colleagues to swiftly settle in and become part of the team. Marie works towards ensuring that SMP's values are no mere empty clichés but instead permeate the firm's daily work and culture.

What else drives her?

Lifelong learning is an important foundation for the firm's success. That is why Marie fosters an environment that facilitates for colleagues to learn from each other and to achieve personal growth both in terms of technical expertise and beyond.

Another matter close to Marie's heart is to promote diversity at SMP and to create general conditions that enable people with very different backgrounds to realize their professional potential as desired. This includes a healthy work-life balance because, at SMP, we are convinced that to be successful professionally requires being a well-balanced person and a good conversationalist with a broad range of interests; that is why a life beyond office and job is vital – whether as a mother or father, left-back or amateur cook.