Julian specializes in fund formation and fund restructuring and advises Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds on all matters related to tax and regulatory law. He is also an expert on legal issues relating to blockchain technology and crypto tokens and regularly gives lectures on this subject. Julian is a member of SMP #TeamCrypto.

Education and Career

Before joining SMP upon its formation, Julian was an Associate at Flick Gocke Schaumburg and, during his doctoral thesis, a research assistant at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg. He studied law at Bucerius Law School and at the University of Cambridge (UK).


Julian’s recent work highlights include advising:

  • Blockwall Capital in structuring its first Crypto Fund
  • Cherry Ventures on structuring and subsequent advice to its second and third generation of venture capital funds
  • Blue Yard on structuring its first venture capital fund and subsequent advice on investments including Crypto Tokens
  • in the formation of several venture capital funds, optimization of the existing German and US structure as well as in owner control proceedings
  • Fly Ventures in structuring their first venture capital fund
  • Project A Ventures on the formation of their second venture-capital/company-building fund and subsequent advice
  • Atlantic Labs on structuring and subsequent advice to several venture capital funds
  • Distinction, for purposes of German income tax, between business establishment and asset management in the context of investments in crypto tokens,
    FR 2019, pp. 393–407 (together with David John) [in German]
  • Report on the 1st Berlin Corporate Tax Panel, April 27th 2016
    FR 2016, 749-756 (together with Thea Lebsa) - (in German)
  • The announced extension of Sec. 8b (4) of the German Corporation Income Tax Act to capital gains – unconstitutional retroactive effect despite a 'grace period"
    DStR 2015, 2212-2218 (together with Jan Haselmann) - (in German)
  • One-partner partnerships and trusts
    Peter Lang, 2015 - (in German)
  • Exam for advanced students in tax law
    Jura 2013, 1253-1261 (together with Christian Süß/Peter Stark) - (in German)
  • Exam in tax law and accounting
    JuS 2011, 713-717 (together with Tim Maciejewski) - (in German)