Associates and Senior Associates

Together to the Top,
not Top Down

Whether you are an attorney or a tax expert, we want you to be able to flourish in your chosen area of expertise at SMP and make the most of your talents. You will therefore be supported by our experts at every stage of your career. With us, you will be rewarded not only with a salary on a par with that of a large law firm, but also with the recognition you deserve.

Interesting cases at the highest level are no nine-to-five job. You can nonetheless rest assured that we will offer you more time for family and leisure whenever possible.

We will get you to where you want to be

You can further your career exactly as you wish, based on your experience and qualifications as a tax expert. We will support you and pave the way for you – for example, in training and qualifying as a tax consultant.

From Associate to Partner

Interested in becoming a partner at SMP? We will be right behind you as you pursue this goal.


Our vacancies are currently only available in German.